Shade Sheds lend themselves very well to being adapted to many stable/feed/tack room scenarios. 
They can be left open, filled in, or half and half. Larger ones can be put over fence lines for maximum return on your dollar. These are ideal for when you need stabling, fast, or if you need shelter you can move from paddock to paddock. 
By placing the Shade Shed over a common fence line, you are stretching your $$ further. Replace existing fencing with cattle-rail & insert a mesh divider, add rubber kicks then maybe add gates at the front & back to give you more options. 
Our transportable stable can be used alone, or add some panel yards for a easy yet strong & safe stabling option, which can easily be moved when needed. Ideal for renters or people agisting.  
Also suitable for organisations that may need a Bio-security stable/area.